Professional Development Series

In 2015, Professional Development Series focused specifically on skills that very recent graduates and young professional might be missing both in their personal and professional lives. The first workshop focused on “How to Manage Your Finances” and explained the basics of personal finance and how to stay “in the black”. The second seminar on “Resume Strategies for Online Job Search” provided participants with the tips and ideas on how to optimize their resumes for online job applications. The final event in the series, the “What’s my next step?” panel discussion invited high profile executives to give their perspectives on career paths and career choices.
  • Date: February 18, March 21, May 6 2015
  • Place: Shoeless Joes; University of Toronto
  • “How To Manage Your Finances” Photos: Facebook Album
  • “Resume Strategies” Photos: Facebook Album
  • “What’s my next step?” Photos: Facebook Album